Holovisionsplayer for Hi-Res Music

Remember, like HDTV and 3D cinema has improved their viewing experience? HoloSync 3D will revolutionize the high-resolution audio music enjoyment.

Like a walk in her favorite landscape or pleasurably lying on the beach - so they feel when they hear our recordings using the patented surround sound headphones, it envelops a 3D Symphony the Mid -gleich envelops a cloud -You.

The sound is so real that they have to lie on the beach and feel the waves wash over them and accompany their way into their favorite landscape birdsong.

Why HoloSync 3D music as a high-definition music -High-resolution audio?

In constant pursuit of better sound and more listening pleasure High Resolution Audio has been developed that provides sound in digital audio formats and in better quality than CDs.

This is because high-resolution audio converts analog music with a higher sampling rate than CDs. CDs store data by default with 16-bit / 44.1 kHz.

For High-Resolution Audio There is no default. In our songs but mostly find 24-bit / 96 kHz and 24 bit / 192 kHz instead. The result? You listen to the music without loss of sound and its dynamics and a moving sound rotation.

But we as Audiophile sound gourmets wishing to enjoy music in the best quality and do not give more with CDs and above all downloads satisfied where the providers have the original dataset radically shrunk.

By HoloSync® 3D HoloVisionsplayer we have managed to bring a device to market in order to hear our special high-resolution HoloSync 3D music of the finest quality.
And the pocket size.
Instead of just relying on a CD player or computer, can now all OTC HoloSync 3D CDs will be played directly on the HoloVisions players - and in 24bit- DVD quality.
Experience the sound still spatial: By HoloSync® 3D technology creates the impression in your brain that the landscape is alive and the bird that is only right behind you, then flies away.
The Blue Liners headphones are compatible with this player in i-phone-size. The standard memory with 8GB summarizes seven songs, derauswechselbare microchip -Speicher again 15 tracks.
If you want to buy a device that let them know what CDs are already in their possession and we are individually acquired equipment with which they have already purchased CDs in DVD quality play on us.
The frequency modulation can only be transferred one to one of our main computer to the Holovisions player.

The prices make this as follows:

Holovisions player € 199.-

Interchangeable 4GB Micro chip memory € 8,90.-
Interchangeable 8GB Micro chip memory € 14,90.-
Interchangeable 16GB Micro chip memory € 21,90.-
Interchangeable 8GB Micro chip memory € 34,90.-
Uploading per CD ind DVD quality € 5.-


HoloVision player Price: 199.- € instead of 240.- €

· Production: 3.5 mm PO combine 1, 3.5 mm Interface of LO 1

· TFT LCD screen: 4.3 inch

· Data transmission: USB, support TF card Enlargement

· Capacity: (Optional) 8 GB / 16 GB

· Supports audio formats: WAV, MP3, FLAC, MP2, WMA, OGG,

· Audio output: THD + N <> 104 dB 0.035% / SNR Freq 22 Hz - 5 / 20Khz +0.5 DB

· Jitter values: Bammel white Technology: less than 100 picosecond

Order or get more information you can per Online-shop http://www.holosyncshop.de
by phone 0049 (0) 89/431 13 59 or by e-mail.

Prices do not include postage and packing (Deutschand to 2 CDs 2, - Euro, insured parcel 9, - Euro
Europe zone 1 to 2 CDs 4,80 Euro, insured parcel 19,90 Euro
when ordering from other countries please check shipping)

We ask for payment in advance,

Our service:
Meanwhile we offer all seminar-titles in high quality Hi-Res. Thus, we achieve a significant improvement in quality and a more immersive listening experience. For the Hi-Res Sounds you need a 24 bit Audo DVD player !!!
Simply contact us at if you are in doubt whether you would like to order a CD or Hi-Res sounds.