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at the Blue Liners Institute for applied consciousness research, a private institute with 15 years of practical experience in research and development of the Holotropic 3D Synchronisation method. The best of BrainwaveHoloSync3D-Technology.

This forward-looking technique initiates visual journeys to consciousness. Latest findings of quantum physics discovered "quantum oddities" that showed that space, time and consciousness are closely interwoven and inseparable. On this level, there is a higher dimension that lies beyond our perception of space-time.

The institute's research shows that this "fourth dimension", together with our brain hemispheres, forms an overarching "Holographic Universe"

To experience this universe, we especially developed the patent pending Holosync 3D Sphere Sound.

The patented 3D Surround Sound Headphones and the Holosync 3D Sphere Sound make it possible to experience this hologram within the shortest time.

You think this could not be possible, this must be phantasy or utopia? Just try it!
Simply by listening!

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is running away, we are permanently hounded and have to cope with manifold sensations and impressions. Diseases caused by stress, precipitance and worry are constantly attacking our health. We no longer know how to live our own lives fulfilled and relaxed.

Why are we doing what we are doing? What is the meaning of life? What is my personal way? These questions remain unsolved or are not even asked – because we find neither time nor quiet to open our senses and our consciousness for what works in our inner self.

Break your inner barriers, become more creative and free.
As musical as Mozart...
as creative as Dalí...
as ingenious as Einstein...
as wise as the Dalai Lama...
... simply by listening.


The Blue Liners Institute wants you to rediscover your inner wealth. It is deep inside yourself and is available for you on invisible levels of reality. It is on us to recognise it and to use it.

All you have to do is take some time and listen to an especially developed the Hires-muisc with gentle, atmospheric sounds that quickly and effectively refreshes your energy and can help you to get in touch with yourself again.

By the Brainwave Holosync 3D technique, the Blue Liners Institute offers exceptional experiences. Discover the miracles and secrets within the universe of consciousness. Experience how the power of inner images reassures you and opens new perspectives. Take the time for a journey to yourself.

Results of the latest research give reasons to believe that ingenious humans naturally produce energetic effects between the left and the right brain hemisphere and are using "holotropic consciousness" to solve a problem, to develop creative ideas or to extend their knowledge.

  "Seek tranquility – through balance,
not by stopping your activity."
Friedrich Schiller
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