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How does HoloSync 3D work?

The Blue Liners Institute has spent many years of research to develop the Holotropic 3D Synchronisation and the HoloSync 3D Sphere Sound Method that transcend human consciousness beyond the usual barriers.

To gain access to the universe of holotropic consciousness, acoustic, three-dimensional HoloSync 3D Signals are transferred through the patented Surround Sound Headphones

The perception of the world around us is reduced and we feel a deep tranquility. The body goes into a kind of hibernation, the brain frequency shifts down to delta-rhythm.

The HoloSync 3D Sphere Sound Method is not only synchronising, floating music, but it sets the inner ear into molecular vibration. These vibrations are transmitted to the pineal gland that thereby is stimulated to show visual images. At the same time, an acoustic computer animation, produced by especially developed equipment, is transmitted.

The sound hits the ear and is converted via the Surround Sound Headphones into a three-dimensional sound image. Thereby our brain initiates the opening of "Holographic Levels", which leads us to a universe of holotropic consciousness with all its extensive knowledge, already existing inside of us but being locked until now.

The soundwaves are, like in nature, not directly brought into the auditory canal. The acoustic nerve transmits this sound information to the brain stem Signals reach the limbic system, that plays an important role in the processing of visual feelings. Information goes from the limbic system to the frontal lobe

The frequences of the brain waves can be devided into four main bands:

, 14-30 Hz
Awake, alert, oriented towards the outside, mental activity, surprise, amazement, control, fear
Alpha, 7-14 Hz
Relaxed concentration, quiet relaxed thinking, ability to process large quantities of information, increased susceptibility for suggestions.
Theta, 3,5-7 Hz
Relaxed state, increased graphic memory, fantasy, creativity, visual imagination, meditation, dreams
Delta, 1-3,5 Hz
Deep sleep, trance, ESP experiences (extrasensory perception)

The HoloSync 3D sound carriers stimulate brain waves in every frequency band.

Abidance with the 3D nature-spacesound collage. The spacesound collage moves forward Acoustics are put into 3D rotation and open the holotropic levels of consciousness