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Seminar "The ear as a gate to consciousness"

The way people use the capacities of their consciousness is similar to a ride on a freeway. We are sitting in a sedate limousine and constantly driving the same way to and fro. We got so used to it that we would never think of leaving this freeway. The mere thought of it frightens us. Yet we are passing interesting villages, landscapes and experiences. We could make many illuminating experiences if we looked beyond the freeways. We would discover new perspectives beyond the well-worn tracks, similar to a fundamental expansion of the mind. This is the experience of HOLOTROPIC 3D SYNCHRONISATION.

A flight beyond space and time?

Yes and no. Actually you are "travelling" through your own brain as a microcosm of its own. But you are travelling through regions that normally are not accessible, where knowledge of the past and the future may be stored. Reasonably, we do not realise all this in our every day life. It would be quite confusing if we saw more than our familiar reality. Our perceptual capacity is limited, for our own protection, also. If we perceived more than one reality at one time, we might cross against the red light because we would not be able to concentrate on "simply" surviving

Contacting whom?

At the seminar, you could make contact to "spiritual friends". Who are they? Divine beings, aliens or something? This definition is up to each individual. Participants regard the companions as archetypes, images of the soul, guardian angels, or "spiritual leaders". Some perceive them as female and male yin and yang energy. It is up to you to find your own definition.

What is the sense of an expansion of the mind?

It makes us realise that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies, that we have got more abilites and possibilities than we commonly are aware of, more influence on fate than we believe and probably more than powerholders want us to have. It is not about crazy illusions. Who travels to former lives will naturally also encounter scenes that are not as gentle and lovely and wonderful and full of love as we want them to be. All memories are stored within us as feelings and they are made accessible by these journeys of consciousness.

HoloSync® 3D Seminar

The seminars organised by the Blue Liners Institute offer you the possibility to make this experience in a practical application. To keep intensity and individuality at a high level, the number of participants is limited to 9 persons. At a specially arranged room with comfortable ergonomic couches, laser unit and 3D Surround-Sound Headphones, the participants can find access to their own consciousness universe. Afterwards, experiences of the visual journeys are exchanged in group discussion and interpreted as well as complemented by the seminar leader and his many years of practical and spiritual experience.