To sleep like a log

... a great dream for many people.
Difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep can be a torture for anyone who has to be fresh and well-rested in the morning. It is understandable that some people even resort to pills. An inexpensive alternative without dangerous adverse reaction: HoloSync 3D Falling-Asleep-CDs from the Blue Liners Institute at Munich.
The new CDs "Dreamland – Traumland" and "Fairy of Dreams – Traumfee" make you fall effortlessly into the arms of Morpheus and thus into a deep and relaxing sleep.
A special mixture of frequency patterns, interacting with the brain, slows the brain frequencies down, from hectic activity to quiet relaxation. Thereby it makes you forget everyday life and stimulates the activity of thought. With every listening, the brain is more and more able to surrender to the music and to engage with the images offered by the CD.

The more you listen to the CDs, the faster will you be able to fall asleep in the course of time. You must not be disappointed if it does not work on the first evening. Similar to other exercises, success is the result of continual training. There is no need to "do" anyting – not counting sheep, not producing images – just let your thoughts flow. They will automatically slide into tranquility.

For an afternoon-nap we recommend the CD "Fairy of Dreams – Traumfee", because, in contrast to"Dreamland – Traumland" , it will wake you up in the end.

Commercially available CDs for 18,00 € each.

With text:
"Dreamland – Traumland"
Equivalent to "Dreamland – Traumland" – but without waking you up in the end. With this CD you will fall into deep sleep and awake refreshed from the depth of regeneration on the following morning.
With text:
A short programm for stress reduction, regeneration and prevention of jet lag – to be fresh and relaxed only one hour later.

All songs can be ordered in Hires quality. Price per title 25.- €

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