We make you fly!

To the stars and back:

We make you fly!

Visual consciousness and astral journeys via HoloSync 3D – developed on the basis of latest brain research. Your consciousness being in a different place or even in a different time than your physical body, although you are wide awake – this is something most people only know from dreams or fantastic science fiction movies.

But yesterday's fantasies are today's reality: Latest findings of brain research, modern computer technology, combined with innovative 3D audio technology make it possible to put the body into a state of deep, trancelike sleep, while the consciousness goes on visual journeys. Without long practice in travelling, within one dimension, to other places (so called "astral journeys"), to other dimensions or even to other times (so called "consciousness journeys"), this is only possible due to the unique HoloSync 3D method.

In more than ten years of research, the Blue Liners Institute has developed a special series of CDs that can lead the listener, step by step, to near-death and out-of-body borderline experiences and even beyond. "I wanted to give other people the possibility to make the same experience that I had received as a gift", says Michael Pahl, the director of the institute.

The method of Holotropic 3D Synchronisation, called HoloSync 3D, developed and applied for patent by Michael Pahl, is particularly suitable to help generate an extension of consciousness and a new understanding of reality. It can be the basis for any kind of spiritual research and work, as e.g. discovering new talents and new aspects of the self, increasing the power of vision, discovering personal or job-related aims and life-tasks, exploring former lives, discovering new aspects of reality, developing paranormal abilities, having contact with spiritual beings, developing healing abilities, increasing intuition and clairvoyance, astral journeys.
The more than 20 CDs, each playing one hour, are systematically progressing. This is how the brain can be introduced to the higher and faster vibrations that are necessary for the special states of consciousness and for leaving the body. After 5 days, the brain frequencies of the test persons are similar to those of Buddhist monks with long meditation experience.

Participants of the seminars are thrilled. Especially those who already had experienced other methods before. "There is nothing better than that" – this is the unanimous statement.

"The real adventures are in the head, in my head,
and if they aren't in my head, they are nowhere.
The real adventures are in the head, in your head,
and if they aren't in your head, then look for them."
André Heller

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