Sometimes, in this apparently so disenchanted world, it is hard to believe in the impossible. Thus, journeys through space and time are a fantastic imagination which you would hardly ever really take into consideration.

After, during the first three days of the seminar, you have sharpened your senses, your mind and your perception, you will gradually gain the assurance that your consciousness is capable of doing even more: to break barriers and to increase your abilities for development.

During the following two seminar days you will progress a little further as the DVDs/CDs continually increase the intensity. Finally long sequences get stimulated, which enables you to open the gate to your consciousness hologram and to experience infinity.

Now it becomes possible to conceive reality multidimensionally. You are moving on manifold levels and get in contact to unlimited sources of energy and information.

The supposed separation from the physical body makes the consciouness immerse into a holistic universe of consciousness that lies within ourselves.


The way people use the capacities of their consciousness is similar to a ride on a freeway. We are sitting in a sedate limousine and constantly driving the same way to and fro. We got so used to it that we would never think of leaving this freeway. The mere thought of it frightens us. Yet we are passing interesting villages, landscapes and experiences.

We could make many illuminating experiences if we looked beyond the freeways. Through the Holotropic 3D Synchronisation we can discover new perspectives beyond the well-worn tracks and proceed to a fundamental expansion of the mind.

Reasonably, we do not realise all this in our every day life. It would be quite confusing if we saw more than our familiar reality. The seminar will help you to discover new facets of yourself, to walk unusual ways and to live your life more consciously and creatively.

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
Victor Hugo