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Work at the research laboratory with HoloSync 3D

The HoloSync 3D Sphere Sound method developed at the Blue Liners Institute's research laboratory makes it possible to experience states of perception of a higher dimension. This method is based on the "binaural hearing", discovered 1839 by Professor Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. A completely new approach to the concept of brain sychronisation led to the development of the Holotropic 3D Synchronisation/HoloSync 3D technique. The resulting method is unique and has no similarities to any other method.

Working with HoloSync 3D has shown that the human consciousness is able to transcent the usual limitation of the physical self, of space and of our linear time. Being freed from physical limitations and being in a state of meditation can lead to new identifications. Reflexion and observation of the experiences can increase our perception and understanding of ourselves and the world.

Furthermore, transpersonal experiences can lead us to archetypical empires of the collective unconscious and arrange travels to mythological worlds.

Experiences with the Holotropic 3D Synchronisation are just at the beginning, yet they may lead to incredible observation, confronting science with new questions.

The experiences and developments resulting from those visual journeys of consciousness into other dimensions have to be seen as a process. The more continuously a participant of the seminar uses this method, the more he will gain for daily life.
During the past years, many participants have made manifold and extensive experiences during and after the intense seminar days, and have enriched their lives.

In this context we want to point out that the Blue Liners Insititute accompanies and evaluates the effects of the Holotropic 3D Synchronisation in an empirical study.

Research-Shuttle with integrated HoloSync 3D technology Equipped with EEG and other analytical biofeedback devices Research study Professor Stremel, University of Marburg