Interview with Michael Pahl

by Ingeborg

Michael, what does that mean, to go with the confidence to travel? How can I imagine. Can I get that?

Let me your question approach as:
Our consciousness travels anyway - at night when we are asleep. Only we get the most with not. Since it may be entirely unaffected freely from our will.
It is interesting to experience this process deliberately.
We practice in our seminars.

To explain what it feels like, is difficult. If I wanted to tell you how an apple tastes I would have to compare with something familiar use. But An apple does not taste like a peach, or a melon. Also, do not like a pear. So how should I explain to someone how an apple tastes. You have even bite.

Awareness Travel are second to none in our physical world of experience. When I say it's like dreaming, or fly, there arises with you immediately get an idea of ​​something that you know. It is similar, but different.

Of course, you can learn that too. Where there is indeed no real learning. But a raising awareness.

Can I do that because even make at home, when I'm alone?

Of course. That is the meaning and purpose of the seminars, the participants will learn how they, even without group ASW - can thus extrasensory perceptions have. Extrasensory means, experiences that are independent of our body.

What if something happened, I do not understand?

Then you call me and we talk about it.

Could it be because that is my consciousness out there like so much that it no longer wants to return to my body?

That's an interesting question. So far I have yet to know of anyone who at a consciousness travel - lost his life - as we make them. In theory, this would of course be conceivable, however, speak against it 2 things:

1. We have on the other side always helpers who take care of us and accompany us and bring them back.

2. This awareness trips are among others to realize why we are here. We have the opportunity to recognize from a higher vantage point from the meaning of our presence here. So our consciousness knows that it makes no sense to run away before our learning objective has been achieved here.

Could you stay over there because simple?

Perhaps - but why? Just sitting on the cloud and singing hosannas would be boring. I would want to come back anyway. So why not stay right here.

This is a surprising answer for me. What's so good here? And why do we have such a longing for over there?

What we may not know at this point to estimate so that we here have meaning. We smell, taste, feel, etc. We can make experiences in this physical world that we "over there" can not do. There are so many exciting things to experience here. We are here to learn. Only through these experiences we can continue to develop. That's at least what I have learned and experienced over time.
The trips to the other side to help us to become more conscious of our earthly life. To learn to mind. To recognize and to live what we have set ourselves, before we are incarnated here.

The desire reminds us of our spiritual home.
This is a bit like a holiday. We enjoy it and look forward to coming back home.

Does that mean that we have, so everything, by which we suffer, showing us our bad luck, our misfortunes, our accidents before? That's hard for me to believe.

Yes, exactly. To lead a happy life is only an experience of many. Pain is an intense perception that enriches the experience of our soul.

If you can recognize that you have what you experience here, as planned, then you are no longer in the role of victim. Then you can be playful: "ah - so - so I also wanted to learn .... Well then - the sooner the better?."

How do I come to such a realization?

Well - is an opportunity to participate in one of our seminars. There you can look at you from a distance. You know this corn field mazes. From above, everything looks quite simple.

It's strange - on the one hand, I wish to make such experiences, then I got a bit scared.

Many people tend to be afraid of changes. Fear of the unknown. So you're not alone. Everyone has to decide for himself whether he wants to embark on such an adventure. But do not worry, we bind to anyone. Those who want to leave the seminar, may at any time to go - and come back when the time is right for him.

What could happen to me?

Well - do you want it but know exactly. What can happen to you, I can not say so. I can only tell a little of what has happened to others.

Yes please.

Well. It could be that you feel that you recognize from the inside out, that you want to change your life. That you clearly see a different path at a time in front of you.
It could be that you are confronted with a very old pain which dissolves during the seminar.
Your companion, your helpers from the other world could take you in my arms and give you as much love as you ever are able to take.
You could see pictures and landscapes, as you've never seen them before. If you were a painter maybe you could see images in front of you, as beautiful as you've never painted before.
It is also not unheard of that someone has experienced healing. Or that partnership relations have experienced a positive change after a seminar.
Someone has solved at once technical problems, in which he has previously nut to crack.
Again and again I experience that will change the lives of seminar participants from scratch. Some faster in slow down.

Can I prepare for a seminar?

You want to not miss anything - right?
You can put yourself already prepare. Can you imagine beautiful pictures. You can meditate on the silence. You'll find a free CD to prepare hear. But it is not necessary. The best thing you can do is quite relaxed to come to the seminar. Without the daily piggyback. The magic word is "let go". Let go and relax. You can not force anything anyway. Everything "Want" causes only the opposite. You'll find that a single playful thought you already added. In a landscape in a situation. Nothing you can do for now. Let it happen.

This means that I still quite surrendering me?

Yes of course. You deliver from you. Without trust, it is not. Therefore, you should precede with you and consider whether you would like to let you in and if you believe that I am the right person for it. It's okay that you're once skeptical. Because more than once I've heard that seminar participants were left alone for a conference and are partly fallen into quite a hole. It is important to me that the participants feel comfortable with me. We have at a seminar enough time to respond to questions. Even after a seminar I accompany each like another piece. The goal, however, is quite clear: everyone must ultimately find its own way. I can live a man's life and not also determine what is right for someone. I can make recommendations based on what I see. But no one will listen to me "you have that or do that" or "give me your money and I'll give you the sky". That would be nonsense.

You've just given me an interesting keyword: you can give recommendations based on what you see? What can you see?

That would be a completely new Session - we can discuss this another time?

Yes - of course, gladly. But do not let me wait so long. Now that I'm become really curious. In any case, I thank you that you took the time.

You're welcome. With pleasure.