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From the synchronisation of the two brain hemispheres to the holotropic synchronisation HoloSync 3D

Research of the last decades has shown that the two halves of the human brain receive and process reality in different ways of perception. A pioneer in this field was the German Professor of Physics Heinrich Wilhelm Dove (1803-1879) who also engaged in acoustics. He discovered the "binaural hearing" that leads to a synchronisation of the two brain hemispheres.

The two hemispheres

The left brain hemisphere is responsable for all processing related to time structures, verbal, rational, analytical and logical connections. It solves problems accurately and step by step. The left hemisphere controls the right part of the body.

The right brain hemisphere, in contrast, is the location of emotional and artistic sensitivity with intuitive, figurative, timeless thoughts. Problems are solved in a holistic way. The right hemisphere controls the left part of the body.

The Surround Sound Headphones

The sound transducer of the Surround Sound Headphones is not placed in the centre of the earphone, as it is at stereophonic headphones, but peripheral. Therefore, the acoustic impulse does not hit the auditory canal frontally. The individual anatomy of the outer ear is included in the process of 3D directional hearing as the HoloSync 3D Sphere Sound passes it. Thus, a spatial perception is possible. This is the essential difference of this patented technology. It creates an impressive, natural, spatial sound. Directions and distances are perceived undistorted and real. The HoloSync 3D Sphere Sound sounds as if it was live.

Existing asymmetry

During the course of evolution, especially in the western world, an increasing shift towards the more left-hemispherically dominated activities has taken place. The development of speech, of writing and of the logical sciences are distinct expressions of this constellation.

Accordingly, modern humans lack the ability to combine both hemispheres effectively and to use them evenly. Our social system does not even offer equal impulses for the development of the right hemisphere. During the last years, several research projects concentrated on the change of hemispheric asymmetry to achieve symmetric and balanced brain wave patterns.

This desired effect, named synchronisation, brings maximum efficiency in concentration and perception, it causes a synergetic cooperation between the hemispheres. For the person concerned, this may effect the development of excellent abilities.

In our institute we assume that geniuses such as Mozart, da Vinci, Einstein, Keppler or Jules Verne, have used and are using these synergetic effects of the brain to achieve their epochal works.

The Holotropic 3D Synchronisation considerably stimulates and gradually increases these synergetic effects. Thus the two parts of the brain are balanced, the two hemispheres are stimulated by sound patterns and the synchronisation increases in a way that extensive possibilites might arise.

The two hemispheres complement one another in mental processes. Through HoloSync 3D, the neural connections between the two brain hemispheres are synchronised. Such a stimulation brings the hemispheres to synergetic cooperation. New levels of consciousness.