The surround sound and the visual images easily ma

  • to relieve stress quickly and effectively
  • to get in touch with yourself again
  • to rediscover your own personality
  • to effortlessly sink into deep tranquility
  • to rediscover and to develop visual consciousness
  • to raise your self-esteem
  • to meditate as deeply as Zen monks
  • to learn to help yourself – the power, the motivation and the cure are coming from yourself, from your inner core, your own centre.
  • to find answers for questions which have always been inside of you but can only be formulated during deep meditation
  • to nearly infinitely increase your perception
  • to gain creativity and inventive expression in work life
  • to comprehend complex connections
  • to react flexibly to new circumstances
  • to sharpen your senses.

By experiencing the state of holotropic 3D consciousness your spiritual potential has a chance to discover inner treasures you have not been able to notice, but surely anticipated.

The gate to consciousness stands open for you – you can pass it with the BrainwaveHoloSync3D-Technology.

Start today with our introductory CDs, e.g. "Blue Light – Blaues Licht" and "Underwater World – Unterwasserwelt". Take an hour's time for yourself, lay down and relax in a comfortable position. Now put on the Surround Sound Headphones and drift away into a world of tranquility and harmony.
All songs can be ordered in Hires quality. Price per title 25.- €