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All songs can be ordered in Hires quality. Price per title 25.- €

The CD covers have been designed by Gabrielle.

"Blue Light – Blaues Licht" € 18,00
A very gentle CD that leads you into a cavern where you can feel safe, like in a womb. This CD is perfectly suitable for letting yourself fall into a pleasant deep relaxation. Imbedded in soothing sounds you hear voices of birds, waves on the beach, waterdrops and other sounds of nature.
in Hires quality Price per title 25.-
"Underwater World – Unterwasserwelt" € 18,00
This CD has a balancing and invigorating effect. You experience the purifying power of nature by the sounds of a thunderstorm. Dare to go out into the sea and swim with whales and dolphins. Move through the water with playful lightness and dare something new. This CD stands for changes in life.
in Hires quality Price per title 25.-
CD "Flights of Thought – Gedankenflug" 18,00.-€
This CD was recorded in the natural landscape of the Seychelles. You can turn into a bird and fly high into the skies to detach yourself from everyday life after work. in Hires quality Price per title 25.-
CD " Evolution du soleil" € 18,00
A rhythmic CD with Japanese Taiko drums that, similar to the "Bolero", slowly increases to a voluminous explosion in the middle part. It gives the body energy and power to feel ready to take on anything. In Hires quality Price per title 25.-
CD "Fire Storm – Feuersturm" € 18,00
This CD slowly increases to HoloSync 3D Technotrance that will dynamically catapult you into the matrix. In Hires quality Price per title 25.-

A short programm for stress reduction, regeneration and prevention of jet lag – to be fresh and relaxed only one hour later. In Hires quality Price per title 25.-

"Dreamland – Traumland"
Equivalent to "Dreamland – Traumland" – but without waking you up in the end. With this CD you will fall into deep sleep and awake refreshed from the depth of regeneration on the following morning. In Hires quality Price per title 25.-
HFI 780 Concert Headphones
Protected against exterior sounds. Weight 265 g without cable. Frequency range 10 Hz – 25.000 Hz. Impedance 75 ohm. only im Bundle with music

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