After the first step

you will feel relaxation, tranquility and regeneration. At the same time you feel more awake, more aware and ready to travel to your inner self, to discover and to feel the wealth inside of you. By HoloSync 3D Music – a moving sound within an imaginary space, underlined with a special nature space sound collage – you can gradually drift into a most pleasant rest.
Playfully, as a lotus blossom, you can open yourself leaf by leaf to grow to full bloom.


On the following step, the consciousness is led into a visionary journey. As the listener you are visualising a landscape, a sequence of actions for your orientation which offers you a guideline on your journey into inner holistic worlds. These HoloSync 3D Consciousness Journeys will help you to realise private, job-related and social changes.
They can enrich your life and stimulate emotional intelligence. Very quickly you will get the impression of being in a movie, being actor, director and camera work at the same time.
These guided visual journeys take place in a small group of 9 persons. Your attention will be completely directed on becoming aware of your intense experiences. The director of the institute will accompany you, guide you and reflect your experiences.
By this seminar you will provide a basis to find yourself again. You will gain a new and different feeling for yourself and you will perceive more consciously. You will feel regenerated and fresh – and maybe you appreciate it so much that you even feel ready for the great quantum leap, the journey through space and time. The lotus is ready to open. As far as you want it, as far as you allow it, as far as you are ready to travel.

"When we have the greatest treasures in front of us we never notice…
Why?… because mankind does not believe in treasures."
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The following seminar CDs progress in their intensification and the effect of the 3-dimensional sound depth.
Seminar DVD´s/CD´s nur für Seminarteilnehmer